Geothermal Systems by Steve and Ted's Services

Geothermal heating and cooling systems take advantage of the constant temperatures under your property. Geothermal uses a special piping system, commonly referred to as a "loop." Water circulates in the loop to exchange heat energy between your home, the heat pump, and the earth. This provides heating and cooling, and supplements hot water at a very high energy efficiency.

A geothermal system transfers heat from the earth to your home in the winter time, and from your home back to the earth in the summer. The earth stays at a more constant temperature than the varying air temperatures. Because thermal energy is being moved and not created, geothermal systems operate at exceptionally higher efficiency than ordinary heating and cooling systems.

In winter, conventional furnaces burn expensive natural gas and other fossil fuels to create heat. Geothermal systems simply moves heat from the relatively warmer earth around your property to inside your home.

During the summer months, conventional air conditioning units use an excessive amount of electricity to run a powerful compressor to remove hot air from your home. Geothermal systems can move the heat out of your home using just a small amount of electricity.

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Advantages of Geothermal Systems: